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Publix Nov. 21, 2011 Great trip!

Well, Publix was an adventure. When I got there, a commotion of police and fire trucks were in the parking lot. I found out while I was checking out, with my favorite bagger Becky, that an older lady who couldn’t remember if she took some blood pressure pills or not, pinned a pregnant woman as she pulled out of her parking spot and continued to back into her several times!!!! Becky said that the pregnant woman went to the hospital and some relatives came to pick up the older lady and drive her to the hospital because she refused to get in the ambulance. So prayer for both of them.

The customer service desk actually had the Trimmings Booklets!! No winter ones, he said they had a whole stack just a little earlier, but said to check back they would get more.

After seeing the next weeks ad, I decided to shop two weeks in one and skip next week.


1 Publix Hot Dog Buns
1 Publix White Bread
1 Lays BBQ chips
1 Publix Eggs (FREE)
6 bags Sargento Cheese ($1/2 Qs)
2 Alexia Biscuits ($1/1 Qs)
1 Reddi Whip Topping (for bourbon pumpkin pie later this week)
2 Breyers Ice Cream ($1.50/2)
4 Orville Popcorn ($.55/1)
2 Colgate Sensitive ($1/1 mq, $1/1 tq)
1 Jimmy Dean Sausage ($2 off wyb OJ)
1 Tropicana
2 Mueller Elbow Mac
4 Philly Cream cheese ($.50/2 tq, $1.25/3 mq)
1 Planters Mixed Nuts (Gotta make my man some Chex Mix)
3 Wesson Oil ($.30/1)
6 A1 Sauce ($1/1 plus $1/1 beef)
1 Jar Fleishmann’s yeast ($.50/1 wyb flour)
2 bags of Gold Medal ($.50/1 IP)
2 Pam ($.50/1)
2 Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (for Corn Souffle)
2 Wheat Chex ($1/2)
1 Romaine Hearts
2 Lipton Tea ($.25/1, $1/2 tq)
14 Carnation Evap Milk (I use a ton of this during the holidays and it keeps forever $.50/2)
1 Publix Tea
1 Paprika
1 Oregano (10/$10 spices)
1 Baby Carrots
2 Breakstones Sour Cream ($1/2)
3.5 lbs of sweet potatoes @ $.39/lb
Plus Beef to go with the A1 coupons:
Publix Ground Beef $2.99
Publix Ground Beef $3.88
Publix Ground Beef $8.72 (big pack)
Publix Round Beef Chunks $4.50
Publix Top Round Steak $4.34
Publix Top Round Steak $3.29

Total: $249.99
OOP: $101.94

Savings: $148.50 or appox 60%


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