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A Frugal Wedding: Bridesmaid dresses, wedding coordinator, and music

Believe it or not, you can get a bridesmaids dress on sale. While out with my bridesmaid yesterday, we went to the large wedding dress provider that usually has the largest selection of dresses. However, there was no guarantee from them that they could get the dress in time. So we weren’t sure what to do. My bridesmaid asked on Facebook and Twitter if anyone knew of any more bridal shops in Birmingham. We were directed to the Alfred Angelo store on Hwy. 280. When we went in, without an appointment, they were so nice to let us look and Tiffany the consultant was fabulous. More about her in a bit. We found the dress. And they were having a sale!!! $15 off all bridesmaid dresses. The bridal gowns were also on sale in various increments. I was a very happy bride, and my bridesmaid was as well. They could guarantee it would be here almost 3 weeks before the wedding at the very latest, but would probably come before that. We ordered the dress in grape. That color looked the best with my flowers which I’m doing myself. I’ll do a post on those when I get some pics made of what I’ve got done.

The best part of the trip may turn out to be a huge blessing. I was talking to Tiffany, whose last names just happens to be the same as mine, and she tells me that she has started an event organizing business, and she would be interested in coordinating my wedding for “practically free” because she needs to build her portfolio. She said she was also very excited about doing a fall wedding. I got her number and I’m going to give her a call this week. I’m excited about possibly being able to relieve myself of some of the pressures of getting this thing together.

ALSO, my bridesmaid is in music in college and has lots of musical connections. She’s checking on a band for my wedding and reception. They play bluegrass instruments, so guitar, mandolin, stand up bass, violin. I’m so excited about the prospect of having live music. Better start pricing dance floors!! 😀

It was a very productive weekend!


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