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A Frugal Wedding- Wedding Dress!!

So I tried to come up with all kinds of ways to come up with a beautiful dress but not spend a ton of money. I visited a national bridal chain which won’t be named, and had a horrible experience. Instead of spending a ton of money with people like that, I decided to check the web and eBay. I just couldn’t find what I wanted in my budget. I even considered ordering one of those dresses from China, GASP! No, seriously, I didn’t, but that option is out there. However, I finally found my answer on Facebook!

I searched and found this wonderful shop.

I subsequently found their website and saw what I liked. I made an appointment and found a dress!! I was so excited. Second Elegance is located in Homewood, AL. They are a formal wear consignment shop which focuses on bridal. I was happy they had plenty of choices in my size, and the first dress I tried on was my dress.

I’d love to post a pic, but I don’t want to spoil it for Jeff. But it’s ivory, and lacy!! Will fit perfectly with our venue, the Tannehill Country Church.¬†

The dress is available online from $583.oo to $690.00. I bought it for $399.

Savings of over $200!

Go see the ladies at Second Elegance if you live in the Birmingham or Tuscaloosa area. They have something for everyone. Like them on facebook too. She posts pics of the new gowns she gets in.


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