Supa Sava's Savings bLog
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CVS- May 5, 2010

I let my CVS ECBs expire! GASP! They expired on the 3rd and I thought I had a few more days, but with all the commotion and craziness of the past week, I’ll let myself by on this one. So I started collecting again today.

I bought:

2 Colgate Max Clean $2.77/each

  • 2 $1/1 Max Toothpaste
  • Got $2.77/each in ECBS

Paid $3.54 out of pocket, got $5.54 in ECBs. I was looking to do the Nivea deal, but alas, the Nivea still alludes me. I donated my entire stash of tootpaste in my first round of donations, so I decided to restock when they request it again.


One Response to “CVS- May 5, 2010”

  1. Glad for the reminder to check your blog. Love ya lots, cuz!

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