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A record of my coupon adventures

Publix- April 22, 2011

First of all, have you ever had one of those couponing days where they just don’t have what you want. And Target wouldn’t take my 20% off any Merona apparel coupon for my Merona jeans that I needed for work. They kept the jeans. In Publix I came across my first extreme couponer. The lady in front of me had probably 100 boxes of pop tarts. She had two small children. I guess they eat a lot of them. She must have special ordered them because the shelves were not cleared when I came through.

I got:

3 Diet Sunkist 12pks 3/$10 (this was the majority of my out of pocket money)

  • not pictured

3 Alexia Buttermilk Biscuits

  • Reg. $3.39, on BOGO
  • 3 $1/1 Internet Printables
  • Paid $.70/each

3 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts

  • Reg. $2.69, on BOGO
  • 1 $1/3 Pop Tarts
  • Paid $1.01/each

1 Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix

  • Reg. $2.69, on BOGO
  • $.50/1 Brownie Mix *doubled*
  • Paid $.34

2 Bertolli Pasta Sauce

  • Reg. $2.79, on sale 2/$4
  • $1/2 Target q
  • 2-$.75/1 Bertolli
  • Paid $.75/each

1 Men’s Nivea Body Wash (they had the men’s but no Women’s)

  • Reg. $4.39, on sale $3.29
  • $3/1 Men’s Nivea
  • Paid $.29

2 Advil Pain Tablets (dummy me thought it was the 24th thus my Advil coupon expired, so I put it up. I missed out on $5 here. No excuse for it!)

  • Reg. $4.79, on sale $2.99
  • $3/2 Advil
  • Paid $1.49 each

1 Yoplait YoPlus Strawberry

  • Reg. $3.00, on sale 2/$2
  • $1/1 Interent Printable
  • FREE!!

1 Chobani Greek Yogurt (haven’t tried these yet)

  • Reg. $1.33, Sale 10/$10
  • $.30/1 Internet Printable *doubled*
  • Paid $.40

2 Gillette Body Washes

  • Found on the Clearance Rack 2/$4.29
  • 2 $2/1 Gillette Body Wash from the inside of Charmin Sensitive
  • Paid $.14/each

1 Hillshire Farm Sliced Ham

  • Reg. $3.99, on sale 3/$10
  • $1/1 Internet Printable
  • Paid $2.34

1 Jello Temptations Raspberry Cheesecake

  • Reg. $2.89
  • FREE Kraft First Taste Coupon

I think the cashier accidentally rang up one of my coupons twice because when I went back over the #’s I had an extra $1 off somewhere. I didn’t realize it until I got home. We were busy talking about couponing and how she has her husband trained to look out for sales.

Total $77.94

Out of Pocket $22.63

Savings 70% (I’ll take that every time, but I’m still kicking myself over the $5)

They were out of the Heluva Good Dips and the Wheat Thins Stix. I didn’t get rain checks. Didn’t really need the items anyway.


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