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Who has it for less?- Nivea body wash

With all the Nivea coupons out there I wondered where I should buy it.

Walgreens has it for $3.79, both Men’s and women’s. Use the $3/1 from your insert. Final cost: $.79

CVS has the same for $3.88. Final cost $.88

Here is where it gets tricky.

There is a report that I have not verified that Walmart has it for $2.97. Final cost: free- but a headache putting up with Walmart

Publix has the men’s for $3.29  and the women’s $3.97 making them $.29 and $.97

Finally Target has them for $3.99.
There is a $1/1 q in the bundle of q’s from the Target beauty freebies pack plus the $3/1. Making it free. If your Publix takes Target q’s and allows overage you’ll make nice change at Publix on the men’s.

What am I doing?

Getting one from Walgreens, which I did earlier in the week.

Getting one at Publix and using the overage.

And exhausting my remaining q’s at CVS and using ECBs.

What is your plan?


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