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My Stockpile- April 15, 2011

This one is for my friends and fellow couponers @ forums. I’ve been couponing since Jan. It’s just me here now, but I’ll be married in October so I’m stocking up for the future. I can never get this blog to format like I want to. Guess I expect too much. Or completely out of the blogging loop. Probably that.

This first pic is a small stash in my guest bathroom for my fiancee. Razors, shave gel, Dove deodorant, etc.

Second Pic is the top of my storage cabinet in the basement. The cabinet is only about 3 foot tall.

3rd pic: This is inside the cabinet. Still lots of room.

4th Pic: This is the bottom shelf. 15 boxes of Purex 3n1. Oh, and one little bottle of pledge. Poor thing all alone.

5th Pic: This is the top shelf of a 6ft storage cabinet in my laundry room. This one needs some organizing.

6th pic: Second shelf of dry goods. Yes, I eat way too much Hamburger Helper.

7th pic: Fourth shelf. (I skipped the 3rd. It was too messy, it was just some sugar and flour bags.)

8th pic: This is the top of my kitchen pantry. It’s slanted on one side so it doesn’t hold as much as it looks, and it’s hard to organize. But the crackers and cereals are two boxes deep there.

9th pic: More kitchen pantry. Looks pretty normal to me. There are items behind this front line like mustard and A1.

10th pic: Bottom of the pantry. There is no way you guys are getting a look at my frig! It’s a mess. But the freezer in it is full and I have a small chest freezer in the basement that is probably 65% full. I haven’t put up this weeks non-perishables. They are on the dining room table along with a few things on my buffet in the dining room. Hope you enjoyed the pics.


4 Responses to “My Stockpile- April 15, 2011”

  1. Love it! Nice stockpile. Cute fiancee and doggie. Love all the boxed goods. I ran out of my Betty Crocker pototoes stockpile months ago.

  2. i think it’s so sweet, smart and old fashioned that you save stuff for your future hubby. That is so so cool. Reminds me of when people used to keep “hope chests” for when they got married. That is such a smart and thrifty idea. I got emotional thinking about me and my better half….aww…Thanks for sharing!

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