Supa Sava's Savings bLog
A record of my coupon adventures

Target-April 9, 2011

I actually went yesterday. My Target has been out of the Charmin Sensitive all week. I picked up 2 at the Target close to my mom’s house. I was in town trying on wedding dresses. Had to make a coupon stop!!

I got: (sorry, no pic)

2 Charmin Sensitive 18 roll $9.99/each

  • 2 $2/1 Target Q
  • Got $5.00 gift card

2 Sobe Lifewater $2

Paid: $17.98 + received $5 Target Gift Card

I was out of the Sobe coupons, but they had the Lemonade flavor that I have a hard time finding. I should have rolled the Charmin deal right there. They had 2 more packages. I visited my Target today in hopes they restocked. They had not. So I got the Q’s from the Charmin package but wasn’t able to roll them.

Oh and I paid no money out of pocket. I found an old gift card I hadn’t used.




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