Supa Sava's Savings bLog
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Publix- March 10, 2011

I have gotten to the point in my supply where it seems my trips are getting smaller. This is what I picked up today.


2 Lysol Anti-bac Kitchen Cleaner BOGO $2.69/2

  • $2/2 Winn Dixie Q
  • $1/2 Manufacturer Q
  • FREE + overage

1 Philly Cooking Creme $2.99

  • Try it FREE Q from Kraft First Taste

1 Dentastix $1.50 each

  • $2/1 Manufacturer Q
  • FREE + overage

1 Sargento Pepper Jack 2/$4

  • $1.50 Publix Q

1 Pepperidge Farm Flats 2/$4

  • $1/1 Target Q

1 Marzetti Ceaser Dressing BOGO $1.75/each

  • $1/1 Manufacturer Q

1 Farm Rich Mozzarella Bites $5.99

  • $.75 Manufacturer Q
  • $1/1 Publix Q

2 Boxes of Puffs 4/$5

  • $.50/2 Manufacturer Q

2 Jars of Dickinson’s Perserves (I love this stuff!) 2/$7

  • $1/2 Dickinson’s Perseveres

1 Box Lactaid Fast Action Caplets $7.89

  • $1/1 Manufacturer Q
  • $2/1 Publix Q

Before Sales and Coupons: $46.69

Qs: $18.24

OOP: $18.57


Kaiser loves his Dentastix!! He is picky with dog treats. Glad he liked these. I had planned to buy some of the good bites, but couldn’t decide what kind to get. The Hillshire Farm Meats and the PAM was not on sale at my store. I forgot to get the gas card!! And I need to fill up soon! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to get Raisin Bran Crunch. I had a couple of coupons, but was torn on it. Have a ton of cereal lately, yet milk is so high!! I was joyous they took the Winn Dixie coupon. And there were no sale signs on the Pepto so I was uncertain and skipped it. They were out of the smallest bottle anyway. I’ll definitely check it again. Seem to use a lot of that stuff around here.



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