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Publix- March 5, 2011

Both of my trips this week to Publix have been frustrating. I was disappointed that they had no T-Bones or Porterhouse steaks on Thursday or today. And then today I started my list of cashiers I will use and those I wont. The lady today had a huge attitude. Read ever single word on every coupon, skipped 2 of them, got mad when I politely pointed it out, accused me of using more coupons than for items that I had bought even though they were right there in my buggy, and just in general looked down her nose at me. I’ll know next time.

Heres what I got:

Not Pictured:

4 bottles of Sunlight Dish Detergent (they are reg. $1.49 and they had them for $.99)

1 Bag of Santitas Corn Tortilla Chips $2

1 Pkg. of Chicken Leg Quarters $2.69


4 Old Orchard Juice Concentrates $.75./each

  • $1/4 Printed Manu Q

1 Can Planters Mixed Nuts $3.15/each

  • $.50/1 Target Q
  • $1/1 Publix Q

Ken’s Light Ceasar Dressing $1.65 (BOGO)

2 Bags New York Bagel Chips $1.34 (BOGO)

  • 2 $.75/1 Printed Manu Q

4 Lean Cuisine 4/$10

  • 1 $1.10/2 Printed Manu Q
  • 1 $1/1 Manu Q

1 Box Mrs. T’s Perogies 2/$4

2 Digiorno Microwave Pizzas 2/$4

2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls $2/each

  • 2 $.30/2 Printed Manu Q (doubled)

1 Charmin 12 roll $6.49

  • $1/1 Manu Q
  • $1/1 Publix Q

1 Bounty Paper Towels 6 pk. $6.49

  • $1/1 Manu Q
  • $1/1 Publix Q


Paid: $41.82

Saved: $38.34



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