Supa Sava's Savings bLog
A record of my coupon adventures


I had to pick up a prescription and decided to cash in my $10 gift card.


I got:


2 Ricola Cough Drops

-$1/1 Manufacturer Q


1 Osteo Bi-Flex

-$6/1 Manufacturer Q


2 Colgate Toothbrushes


ECBs Used: $2.49

Gift card used: $10

OOP: $.40

ECBs received: $6.00


Well, Publix was an adventure. When I got there, a commotion of police and fire trucks were in the parking lot. I found out while I was checking out, with my favorite bagger Becky, that an older lady who couldn’t remember if she took some blood pressure pills or not, pinned a pregnant woman as she pulled out of her parking spot and continued to back into her several times!!!! Becky said that the pregnant woman went to the hospital and some relatives came to pick up the older lady and drive her to the hospital because she refused to get in the ambulance. So prayer for both of them.

The customer service desk actually had the Trimmings Booklets!! No winter ones, he said they had a whole stack just a little earlier, but said to check back they would get more.

After seeing the next weeks ad, I decided to shop two weeks in one and skip next week.


1 Publix Hot Dog Buns
1 Publix White Bread
1 Lays BBQ chips
1 Publix Eggs (FREE)
6 bags Sargento Cheese ($1/2 Qs)
2 Alexia Biscuits ($1/1 Qs)
1 Reddi Whip Topping (for bourbon pumpkin pie later this week)
2 Breyers Ice Cream ($1.50/2)
4 Orville Popcorn ($.55/1)
2 Colgate Sensitive ($1/1 mq, $1/1 tq)
1 Jimmy Dean Sausage ($2 off wyb OJ)
1 Tropicana
2 Mueller Elbow Mac
4 Philly Cream cheese ($.50/2 tq, $1.25/3 mq)
1 Planters Mixed Nuts (Gotta make my man some Chex Mix)
3 Wesson Oil ($.30/1)
6 A1 Sauce ($1/1 plus $1/1 beef)
1 Jar Fleishmann’s yeast ($.50/1 wyb flour)
2 bags of Gold Medal ($.50/1 IP)
2 Pam ($.50/1)
2 Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (for Corn Souffle)
2 Wheat Chex ($1/2)
1 Romaine Hearts
2 Lipton Tea ($.25/1, $1/2 tq)
14 Carnation Evap Milk (I use a ton of this during the holidays and it keeps forever $.50/2)
1 Publix Tea
1 Paprika
1 Oregano (10/$10 spices)
1 Baby Carrots
2 Breakstones Sour Cream ($1/2)
3.5 lbs of sweet potatoes @ $.39/lb
Plus Beef to go with the A1 coupons:
Publix Ground Beef $2.99
Publix Ground Beef $3.88
Publix Ground Beef $8.72 (big pack)
Publix Round Beef Chunks $4.50
Publix Top Round Steak $4.34
Publix Top Round Steak $3.29

Total: $249.99
OOP: $101.94

Savings: $148.50 or appox 60%


1 Up&Up 50 count Ibuprophen

2 Kraft Cheese 24 slices

1 Plastic Tub (shoe box size)

1 Archer Farms Chunk Cheese Monterrey Jack

Used $10 gift card from Ebates

$.75/2 Kraft Items TARGET coupon

$.50/1 Pain Relief TARGET coupon

Paid $.68


4 12pk Diet Sunkist

1/2 Loaf of Bakery Italian Bread

Dozen Publix Large Eggs

1 Bag of Santitas Tortilla Chips

1 Bag of Kettle Salt and Pepper Chips

1 Sundown Naturals Vitamin D

1 Sundown Naturals Magnesium

2 Tubs Smart Balance Spread

2 4pk of Land O’ Lakes Butter

Gallon 2% Milk

1 Bag Tyson Frozen Grilled Chicken Strips (these are great for quick salads)

1 Link of Carolina Pride Smoked Sausage

2 Cans of 4C Panko Bread Crumbs

2 Pkgs Dixie Paper plates

1 Smuckers Raspberry Simply Fruit

1 Smuckers Strawberry Simply Fruit

4 Boxes of Domino Light Brown Sugar

1 pkg Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

2 pkgs Ground Beef

6 Renzuit Cones

4 Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes

2 House of Autry Chicken Fry (best chicken batter in the world!!)

1 Box of Premium Saltine Minis

1 Box of Premium Crackers

1 3pk Thermacare

2 Boxes of Reynold’s Heavy Duty Foil

2 Boxes of Reynolds Non-Stick Foil

2 Boxes of Progresso Beef Broth

1 Gallon Publix Sweet Tea

4 Bags Nestle Chocolate Chips

2 Cans of Crisco Non-stick spray

2 Cans of Eagle Condensed Milk

1 Young Turkey

Total: $194.39

Coupons and Sales Savings: $101.12

Out of Pocket: $93.27


Usually the vendors at Bridal Shows are the most expensive options for planning a wedding, however the benefit to going to bridal shows are the prizes. Almost every booth has a giveaway of some sort or another. Register for everything. I went to a show this past weekend and my luck must have run out because we didn’t win anything. But I win in the end, because I had so many compliments from ladies who saw my dear fiance with me. Said he was such a wonderful groom to participate. Golly gee, I’m in love! 😀

Link to the Bridal Shows:


I intend to use a lot of mums for decor, but I also bought silk flowers to do my own bouquets. I purchased the flowers at Hobby Lobby. If you keep tabs on their sales, every thing is 50% occasionally. I bought $200 worth of garland and flowers, all fall colors, for $100. They also had all of their wedding accessories and ribbon on sale. I didn’t buy any this time, because I am going a non-traditional route with the guestbook. I want to do a thumbprint guest book. I bought the ink in a set of four from JoAnn’s Fabric for 40% off. It is a coordinated set of fall colors. I intend to draw/paint the tree myself. Should be pretty simple to do.

Here’s an example of the guest book: 


I want to put drinks in dispensers so I’ve been looking for some. Wal-Mart just put theirs on sale for $7.00 in clearance. I bought three. Most of them I’d looked at were at leas $15, but most were upwards of $25. It’s time for all summer stuff to be clearanced so be on the look out for serving trays, plates, bowls, cups, and these great beverage containers! 


I haven’t posted a shopping trip in a while. Honestly, the sales haven’t been that great and I’ve just been buying necessities. But I had a good trip to CVS today. Even though no matter what 12pack of soda deal they have, they never have any in stock. Bleh.

1 Papermate Pens $1.99

  • $1.99 ECB
  • Makes it FREE
15 32oz Gatorades $.88
  • Buy 10 get 5 free coupon
  • Coupon took $5 the top instead of a specific price
  • Paid $.55/each
1 Crest Pro health Sensitive $2.99 (reg. $3.49)
  • $2 ECB
  • $.75/1 coupon
  • Paid $.24
1 Bengay $5.99
  • $5/1 coupon
  • $2 ECB
  • FREE , plus $1.01
2 20oz Diet Sunkist $1.69/each
  • B1G1 Free coupon
  • Paid $.85/each
Total out of pocket: $12.11
Got $5.99 in ECBs
Saved $32.79

Yesterday the Birmingham Groupon was $20 for $40 worth at So I checked the site out, they have plenty of shoes that I liked. So I went through and bought my Groupon. I got 3% cash back on that purchase, which amounts to $.60, not much, but every little bit helps. Then with the Groupon I’ll save $20 off my order. I also found a coupon code for 15% off my order and free shipping. Most of the shoes I’ve looked at are around $80. I’ll end up saving almost half by purchasing the Groupon and combining the coupon code. Stackalacka, internet style. I’ll post a pic of what pair I decide on.


Believe it or not, you can get a bridesmaids dress on sale. While out with my bridesmaid yesterday, we went to the large wedding dress provider that usually has the largest selection of dresses. However, there was no guarantee from them that they could get the dress in time. So we weren’t sure what to do. My bridesmaid asked on Facebook and Twitter if anyone knew of any more bridal shops in Birmingham. We were directed to the Alfred Angelo store on Hwy. 280. When we went in, without an appointment, they were so nice to let us look and Tiffany the consultant was fabulous. More about her in a bit. We found the dress. And they were having a sale!!! $15 off all bridesmaid dresses. The bridal gowns were also on sale in various increments. I was a very happy bride, and my bridesmaid was as well. They could guarantee it would be here almost 3 weeks before the wedding at the very latest, but would probably come before that. We ordered the dress in grape. That color looked the best with my flowers which I’m doing myself. I’ll do a post on those when I get some pics made of what I’ve got done.

The best part of the trip may turn out to be a huge blessing. I was talking to Tiffany, whose last names just happens to be the same as mine, and she tells me that she has started an event organizing business, and she would be interested in coordinating my wedding for “practically free” because she needs to build her portfolio. She said she was also very excited about doing a fall wedding. I got her number and I’m going to give her a call this week. I’m excited about possibly being able to relieve myself of some of the pressures of getting this thing together.

ALSO, my bridesmaid is in music in college and has lots of musical connections. She’s checking on a band for my wedding and reception. They play bluegrass instruments, so guitar, mandolin, stand up bass, violin. I’m so excited about the prospect of having live music. Better start pricing dance floors!! 😀

It was a very productive weekend!